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INTERMAT Paris introduces the Start-up Village by Eurovia*. This space, entirely given over to innovation, is located at the centre of the exhibition.

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Start-up Village: from the exoskeleton to connected concrete

At the trade show INTERMAT Paris (23 - 28 April)

Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre


Start-up Village by


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To rise to the challenges of digitalisation in the construction and infrastructure sector, INTERMAT Paris introduces the Start-up Village by Eurovia*. This space, entirely given over to innovation, is located at the centre of the exhibition.


To be admitted to INTERMAT, the start-ups had to fulfil two conditions: be a first-time participant at the show, and work in a business sector falling within the exhibition categories. Fourteen start-ups will unveil their tools and solutions to the 200,000 participants expected to attend.


Talks dedicated to innovation on the key themes and issues of the sector

Throughout the duration of INTERMAT, a number of talks and workshops on topical subjects will be held at the centre of the Start-up Village by Eurovia. Each selected theme addresses problems faced by professionals. Discussions will therefore chiefly deal with subjects such as the digital transition, smart concrete, artificial intelligence for construction, the use of exoskeletons, and managing worksites with digital technology.


Attendees will gain an understanding of the wide range of talks from the following examples:

-          The processing of geographical data to build the 3-D digital foundation of the smart city

-          Energy transition in boring and drilling professions

-          Autonomous vehicles and issues of infrastructure (EUROVIA talk)

-          The arrival of exoskeletons in building and public works

-          BIM working to promote safety

-          Light and artificial intelligence serving the building industry of the future

-          Digitalisation of construction machinery purchasing and hire in France

-          Capitalising on smart data for building and public works


The Start-up Village by Eurovia at INTERMAT Paris 2018 will comprise 14 start-ups presenting innovative solutions and/or products which promise to revolutionise the industry:


-          360 Smart Connect offers an unprecedented and revolutionary solution: connected concrete, with the incorporation of passive NFC chips in the material to enable a connection between the structure and its data.


-          CAD.42 designs and markets a predictive calculation system connected to a smart high-visibility vest, aimed at construction and energy professionals, in the aim of protecting site workers from danger and optimising costs on production and mining sites.


-          Équipements à partager offers a peer-to-peer construction equipment rental platform for professionals.

-         Fieldwire offers a construction management platform available on all mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and on a web browser: access to plans and contractual documents, real-time communication with team workers, data entry on site and report generation.


-         Finalcad supplies mobile applications and predictive analysis which will change construction methods for buildings, infrastructure, energy and concessions. Their aim is to improve quality, reduce costs and provide better building accessibility.


-         Futurmap specialises in processing geographical data. Their mission is to facilitate the processing of geographical data and make it accessible to all of its clients by associating technology and human resources.


-         Ibat offers building and public works professionals a range of digital solutions (including a multi-supplier materials online ordering application) to enhance their efficiency and support them in their digital transition.


-         Led’s chat is a start-up based on a patented technology. It develops connected illuminated slabs to create decorative and communicating surfaces which are modular in their shape and interactive with their environment, and incorporate embedded intelligence with autonomous algorithms.


-         Matos is a paperless management system for work schedules, administration, financial control and sales coordination which connects its operated equipment rental clients.


-         OpenSafe has specialised in the management of PPE and supports all contractors, local authorities and other organisations wishing to deploy the management of their equipment in compliance with various legal obligations. The company has developed the first program specialising in PPE management suited to all types of PPE and complying with all sets of regulations.


-         RB3D works on ergonomics and the reduction of musculoskeletal disorders. The company invented the cobot - the collaborative load sharing robot - and aims to become a significant supplier of cobots and load sharing exoskeletons to industry.


-         Sharemat is a web-based and mobile app enabling owners of public works machinery to monitor their equipment fleet from their computer or smartphone, share equipment data with the workshops responsible for servicing it and share equipment by renting it to other professionals when not in use.


-         Tout pour le forage is a marketplace which uses geolocation to find a professional, sell or buy drilling equipment, fittings, accessories and services (training, transport, etc.).


-         Tracktor has designed a peer-to-peer equipment rental platform for construction professionals.


* Eurovia is the partner of the Start-up Village at INTERMAT Paris and places innovation at the heart of everything it does.

As a local partner, Eurovia, a subsidiary of VINCI, develops mobility solutions to enhance economic competitiveness and strengthen social bonds by designing, building and maintaining transport infrastructure and fostering urban development.

Committed to innovation for the past several years, Eurovia leads an active community around its business lines (materials, industry, works and services), its audiences (customers, residents, employees) and its development priorities around the mobility of the future and green growth.

Eurovia has thus decided to become a partner of INTERMAT Paris, the international trade show for construction and infrastructure, to support the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of start-ups, in particular in the area of public works and site machinery.

Every day, Eurovia puts people and communities in motion. Designing, building, and maintaining roads, metros, tramways, high-speed rail lines, bicycle paths, streets, public spaces all over the world and useful for everybody... this is how we give everyone the best means to move forward. By making transport infrastructure safer and smarter. By making mobility solutions accessible to everyone. By preserving spaces and our environment more effectively. By saving resources. By enhancing the quality of life. By contributing to the vitality and consistent development of communities and regions. We move forward to enable you to move forward.


About the organisers


S.E. INTERMAT brings together the trade organisations of equipment manufacturers and importers:

CISMA, the French association of equipment manufacturers for construction, infrastructure, steel and handling equipment industries;

SEIMAT, the French association of international civil engineering, mining, construction and hoisting equipment industries;


and COMEXPOSIUM, a European leader in event organisation.


The COMEXPOSIUM Group, one of the world leaders in event organisation, is involved in more than 170 consumer and trade events, covering 11 different sectors of activity such as food, agriculture, fashion, homeland security, construction, high-tech, optics and transport. COMEXPOSIUM hosts 45,000 exhibitors and more than 3 million visitors in 26 countries around the world.

COMEXPOSIUM is developing worldwide through its activities in around thirty countries: Algeria, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States. Comexposium is positioned as a creator of exchange and meetings between individuals and business.



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