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Uniting construction professionals along the entire value chain to deliver efficiency to regions.

In a global society undergoing major change, and considering the increasingly pressing requirements for buildings and infrastructure, a wide and varied range of projects is emerging in France and around the world, offering an unprecedented springboard for creativity and inventiveness.

The players in the construction and infrastructure sector are thus ready and prepared to offer lasting responses to changes in communities resulting from new economic, societal and environmental conditions, but also to changes in the behaviours and expectations of citizens. Building contractors, manufacturers and suppliers of construction equipment and solutions, distributors - all of whom exhibit at and visit INTERMAT Paris - are key operators for territorial development while taking these imperatives into account.
In every region of the world, they are obliged to deliver on ambitious development objectives: those of growing urbanisation, the expansion of city regions, energy infrastructure, connectivity, environmental protection, etc.

It is therefore vital to support them in bringing their projects to life and helping them thrive in the long term: the projects of today that will shape our communities of tomorrow.
This new approach entails deploying synergies between all of the construction sector’s stakeholders.
This is why INTERMAT Paris is the platform which today unites all of the profession’s actors, with the aim of developing communities and regions efficiently and consistently.
As a leading international event in the construction and infrastructure calendar, the vocation of INTERMAT Paris is to combine all of the ingredients of efficiency, but also all the sources of innovation and inspiration to serve the projects of the future.

With its strong position in the EMEA zone (Europe, Middle East and Africa), this meeting has over the years become a unique opportunity for profitable meetings between all international construction market figures.
To address current and future challenges, the upcoming edition, held from 23 to 28 April in Paris, will resolutely fly the flag of renewal, with: new perspectives on French and high-potential and developing markets; a new sector organisation attuned to supply and demand; a new economic Observatory for the construction sector for the years to 2025-2030; new fully-targeted and qualified business development tools.
The six days of the event will also feature a number of special theme days, talks, lectures, round tables and visits by foreign delegations, rounding out a unique programme to support tomorrow’s construction projects, reach high-potential and developing regions, encourage business with a qualified and diverse ecosystem, and highlight the innovations of the future in a fast expanding global market!

Isabelle ALFANO

Director, construction business unit

INTERMAT exhibition Director