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The tradeshow INTERMAT Paris is holding a round table discussion on Thursday20 April 2023 at 10.00am at l’Apostrophe, Paris 16th arrondissement.

Decarbonisation: a powerful collective ambition, a shared vision of the future for the construction industry

A panel discussion will be held on 20 April 2023, offering five trade federations a chance to present their action plans to accelerate the net-zero transition of building and civil works equipment and machinery. 

This first highlight will also be the backdrop for the launch of the official countdown to the 2024 INTERMAT Paris show, and a platform for the ambition of its co-organisers to mobilise all construction stakeholders around a shared vision of the future to build a collective decarbonisation trajectory as part of France’s National Low Carbon Strategy.


Philippe COHET – Chairman of DLR

Jean-Claude FAYAT – Chairman of EVOLIS

Bruno CAVAGNÉ – Chairman ofFTNP

Pascal GUILLEMAIN – Chairman of SEIMAT

Christophe POSSÉMÉ – Chairman of UMGO-FFB

Laurent NOËL – DivisionalManaging Director for INTERMAT

Isabelle ALFANO – Exhibition Director,INTERMAT 

Panel discussion moderated by Emmanuel LECHYPRE

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“This new edition of INTERMAT, with a resolutely new look, harbours the ambition to bring the entire construction industry together around a shared vision for the future. At a time when the sector occupies a key position in matters touching on the environment, the tradeshow INTERMAT aims to be the showcase, the venue for dialogue and promotion of decarbonisation and digitalisation solutions for the sector,” says Laurent Noël, Divisional Managing Director, Comexposium.

“I welcome the strong mobilisation of the whole industry for this new and ground-breaking edition of the show. The environmental issues that our professionals have to address are many and varied, and the INTERMAT gathering aims to be showcase for the industry’s excellence in the race to net zero and the digitalisation of the efficiency of its solutions and technologies,” adds Jean-Claude Fayat, Chairman of EVOLIS

“The ambition, the forward-looking vision and the actions must be fully collective if we are to build an ambitious net zero pathway. It is therefore with tremendous pride that we see the entire industry comprising its major global corporations fully mobilised behind this new show, which will display the latest advances in the market to meet the challenges of the sector’s low-carbon transformation,” comments Pascal Guillemain, Chairman of SEIMAT