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INTERMAT construction observatory - 2021 edition

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The Observatory provides exclusive analysis of the major construction projects and strategic research on 15 countries in the EMEA zone, handpicked for their planned investment levels in infrastructure and building.

In partnership with Business France, this second issue deals with construction projects scheduled for 2030-2035. For each country, a quantitative and qualitative analysis is conducted around the following data:

  • Country key indicators:

Demographic, macroeconomic and trade data, key data on the construction sector, analysis of economic growth, and short and medium term market trends.

  • Market potential of seven sectors:

Airports, ports, roads, railways, engineering structures, mines and quarries, residential and functional buildings.

  • Innovation:

The level of innovation in the country, together with concrete examples of major issues relating to new technology.

  • List of main construction projects:

Projects in the seven sectors studied, representing the biggest investments, ongoing/planned projects.

List of the 15 studied countries:



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