Steven Nendick

Marketing Communications Director, INTERNATIONAL MARKETING - Cummins

Steven Nendick

Marketing Communications Director, INTERNATIONAL MARKETING

Can you briefly describe your activity?

Cummins is a power supplier company for Construction equipment. While we are currently known for our diesel and natural gas products, we are moving into electric power as well.

What are your growth perspectives and your innovation drivers to respond to the wide range of projects arising in France and all over the world?

Cummins continues to push diesel engine technology to provide MORE with LESS. More power, and more machine capability in a smaller, lighter package. All this while meeting the near-zero emissions regulations of Stage V.  Beyond that, we recognize the need for alternative power solutions and are debuting our first off-highway range extending electric concept. Having a wider portfolio of options allows us to react to the future market requirements and utilize our experience to meet these needs.

What are the trends in your field market?

Lower emission regulations continue to drive technology changes to diesel engines that power construction equipment.  Cummins Stage V engines address this move to near-zero emissions while adding value to our customers with higher performance and lower running costs.

As a further development in reducing emissions, the market is considering alternative power sources such as electric, natural gas and others.  Cummins is developing a product portfolio to support all of these power solutions moving forward.

Another key trend is connectivity.  By using our connected services, it will enable customers to manage their valuable assets in a more efficient way.  Optimizing equipment operation and minimizing downtime will deliver substantial savings for them.  Visitors to the show can talk to our experts about this.

What are the main highlights/ features planned on INTERMAT Paris 2018?

The exhibition of our Stage V Engines at Intermat aligns with the start of the production April 2018, 6 months in advance of the regulation date.  In addition, Cummins will be debuting our first off-highway range extending electric concept.

What do you expect to get out of your participation at INTERMAT Paris 2018?

Intermat is always a key networking opportunity for Cummins with our current and potential customers. It enables us to show our wide range of products suitable for the construction market and showcase to the attendees why Cummins is a valuable partner for their business.