START-UP : Tout pour le forage

The start-up of the sale and the purshase of drilling industry

Can you briefly describe your activity?

TOUT POUR LE FORAGE is an online marketplace and professional social listing focused on the drilling/boring/well industry, that allows users to quickly find professional contacts, to buy and sell drilling equipment and spare parts online, through geolocation.

Using geolocation to source drilling companies, carriers, geotechnical consultants and engineers, allows you to find the closest potential partner at the best price.

What are your growth prospects ?

The website is online since last summer (2017).

We are acquiring and transforming our first transactions in France and it's great!

In 6 months, almost all drilling skills in France are listed on the website: geotechnical, foundations, mining or quarrying, geothermal, water well drilling, depollution ...

We have many visitors from Francophone Africa.

In 2018, we will develop our data in French-speaking countries like Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Maghreb, West Africa ... and the English-speaking countries around three major objectives :

-       Become the leading listing of knowledge and skills of companies in the drilling industry worldwide.

-       Simplify the purchase and sale of materials, equipment and services (training, maintenance)

-       Shorten distances and delays between professionals


What are the trends in your field market?

The drilling/boring/well trades are present in construction, earthworks, mines and quarries, housing and research and represent a key point in the economy and development.

The drilling business is more than 1185 billion € in the world, 220 billion in Western Europe, 80 billion in Western Europe and about 20 billion in Africa.

It is a compartmentalized and digital under-efficient market where technology and digitization are approaching to revolutionize everything!.

America remains a strong zone where online auction platforms are well established.

Asia is very active on marketplaces like Alibaba or Amazon

Europe and Africa are under-efficient in digital business

The population growth in Africa is strong, is a big challenge because there will be needs in terms of construction, infrastructure.

Infrastructure deficit in sub-Saharan Africa is estimated at more than 93 billion dollars

What are the main highlights/ features planned on INTERMAT Paris 2018?

Geolocation is our proposition value that gives a unique dimension to the TOUT POUR LE FORAGE marketplace.

TOUTPOURLEFORAGE will help drilling/boring/well manufacturers and suppliers on INTERMAT to : 

- Attract new customers

- Reduce export acquisition costs

- To improve their business operating margin and profitability by reducing non-value-adding intermediaries

- To expand their geographic sales coverage and distribution locally, nationally and globally


What do you expect to get out of your participation at INTERMAT Paris 2018?

It is an honor to be present at INTERMAT 2018, on the Start-up village by EUROVIA.

Our participation will be an opportunity to test the relevance of our concept to the best of the profession, suppliers and manufacturers.

Can’t wait !