Pierre BOELS

President of The European Association (ERA)  

Pierre Boëls,

President of The European Rental Association (ERA)

For the equipment Rental Industry, how has been 2016? Which objectives do you have for the next coming years?

The European rental industry as a chole is continuing to grow and, after adjustments from national statistical agencies in both Garmany and France, Germany has become the second-largest rental market in Europe since 2014. 

In Europe, rentals have seen market growth despite many economic challenges. The European Equipment Rental Industry in 2015 saw year-on-year growth of 2.0% on average for the 15 countries researched by ERA in its 2016 Market Report. For the same countries, it's estimated that the average growth will be 2.8% in 2016, with a forecast of 1.9% for 2017. 


What growth objectives and innovation plans for your industry can face the diversity of projects in France and in Europe?

Equipment rental offers enormous benefits for sustainability

Including higher efficiency through the intensive use of modem, rented equipment with high-quality maintenance, and the buying power of rental companies, which makes them well-placed to discuss sustainable design with original equipment manufacturers. 

What can expect The European companies that you present from the next INTEMAT, in terms of product development and expertise? 

INTERMAT is an international meeting place for the construction players, where the professionals of the rental industry and their partners (manufacturers/ suppliers, construction companies, press) federate.