Interview of Kévin Legault, CEO of "Equipements A Partager", exhibitor on the "Start-Up by EUROVIA" village

1- Can you briefly describe your activity? 

"Equipements A Partager" delivers different equipment rental services between professionals which might include an operator if requested by the customer. The aim of our services is to optimize all building and public works machines that periodically stay unused in our customers warehouse. 

2- At which step of your development are you? What are the next steps? What are your growth perspectives? 

Our website has been released in January 2017 and is now available on all the French market. We are now working on developing our strategy for "Equipements A Partager" in order to increase our offices and our visibility all over the country by end of 2018. 

To carry out our development project, we plan to open the capital to investors in a few months. Our growth perspectives are to be enhance our presence over our national market by end of 2018 and to start a European development in 2019. 

3- What are the trends in your field market? 

The market for construction equipment rental is on the recovery, it represents 4 billion euros in France and nearly 30 billion in Europe. The market is a real niche which guarantee a good forecast and great growth perspectives. 

4- What appeals to you in the "Start-Up village by EUROVIA" offer? Why did you choose to exhibit at INTERMAT in the "Start-Up village by EUROVIA"? 

The Start-Up village by EUROVIA is an offer oriented on young companies like ours and this exhibition will give us a great support on which we could improve our visibility on our project and develop our customer and investor networks. 

5- What do you expect to get out of your participation at INTERMAT Paris 2018? 

INTERMAT Paris 2018 is a major event in which we feel deeply involved and that we want to attend to. It would be a great opportunity for us to promote our services and benefits of your spotlights of such important event in order to develop our reputation and defend our standings.