Jean-Marie OSDOIT

Chairman of SEIMAT (Trade association for international companies dealing in machinery and equipment for public works, mines, quarries, buildings and lifting)

How did your sector do in 2016? What objectives have you set yourselves for the coming years? 

"Following a year that saw growth of 31% in 2016, SEIMAT is forecasting continued market growth in 2017 and 2018".

We have got back into a positive cycle, with revenue that should reach 5 billion euros in 2018, the year of INTERMAT. This is due to building activity starting up again, public works and upcoming large scale investments in the roads sector. 

What are your growth perspectives and your innovations drivers to respond to the wide range of projects arising in France and all over the world?

"France will benefit from the development of large regional metropolitan areas across France, and Grand Paris will represent a major vector for growth and innovation". 

New "smart" and connected machines with their data processing and automation capabilities, together with better use and versatility of equipment, will help contractors comply with safety rules. The residential areas created around the 64 stations and 7 clusters of Grand Paris will substantially fuel the sectors of transport and housing. 

What do the companies you represent expect of INTERMAT in terms of opportunities and solutions to grow their businesses and look forward to the future? 

"2018 will be a beneficial year in which to develop more business at INTERMAT". 

We are counting on the attendance of a large number of visitors from both France and abroad, attracted by the international image of an unmissable show. With its exclusive access to professionals from the South of Europe, Mediterranean countries, North Africa en Northern Europe, all very much attracted to the flagship destination of Paris, the show will offer our companies some very promising development opportunities.