Jean-Claude FAYAT

Chairman of the trade association for construction, infrastructure, iron, steel and handling equipment (CISMA)

How would you sum up 2016 for your particular business sector? What targets have you set yourself for the years ahead?

2016 was all about recovery - particularly on the French market - after 2015 which saw significant negative growth. 

The residential and non-residential sectors began to recover at the end of 2015. Then in mid-2016, the public works sector began to see some improvement. These factors, together with the support that the new  bonus depreciation tax break provided, resulted in sustained activity - particularly during the first four months. As far as exports are concerned, geopolitical factors affecting many countries resulted in somewhat low-key activity - except for the European Union. 

2017 Should see ongoing improvement in the economic situation - both in France and at International level - although political uncertainties remain and may even worsen. 


What are its growth prospects and what are the areas in which you are innovating in order to cater to the needs of the very varied projects in France and throughout the world? 

There is still an essential need for new infrastructure in developing countries and a need to maintain assets and infrastructure in developed countries. Growth should also be sustained by increased equipment leasing. 

But at the same time, it will also be powered by innovation that will be part of a sustainable and global environmental approach : improving the life cycles of products and projects (from eco-design to recycling) and reusing and recycling resources, using clean energies (electricity, hydrogen, etc.). 

Innovation also focuses on services made possible by our ability to harness big data : being able to conduct fine analyses of data means that we can generate new services - particularly in maintenance. 

And each country's own specific regulations encourage us to innovate so as to meet our clients specific needs across defined geographical areas. 

What are the companies that you represents as part of CISMA expecting from INTERMAT 2018 - in terms of tools and opportunities - in order to maximise their business and plan for the future? 

INTERMAT 2918 is an excellent showcase for meeting end clients, as well as leasing companies and distributors from France and other countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East as a priority. 

The way in which innovations are highlighted in the one hand and the way in which the event is segmented so as to make what is on show easier to take in for visitors on the other, are two of its major assets. 

INTERMAT should also encourage the organisation of executive boards and general assemblies for associations, unions, federations, European committees... for client sectors. 

And INTERMAT in Paris should also be a fun event for all of our partners!