Charlie Patterson

Skyjack VP International Operations

Can you briefly describe Skyjack's activity in the marketplace?

Skyjack continues to provide quality engineered, simple, and reliable products. We launched two new products in 2017 (our SJ1256 TH and our SJ85 AJ) and saw strong demand for Skyjack products across the board. The SJ85 AJ performed beautifully in international markets as it’s a large unit with exceptional up-and-over clearance, making it ideal for a wide variety of jobsites. 

What are Skyjack's growth perspectives and innovation drivers in response to the wide range of projects arising in France and internationally?

Skyjack keeps our finger on the pulse of the marketplace and evolves our products based on industry demands. In 2017 we launched our SJ85 AJ articulating boom, which features a class-leading working height of 91ft (27.73m), and a superior up-and-over clearance of 34ft (10.36m). The SJ85 AJ was modelled after our SJ63 AJ, which set itself apart from others in its class due to its reach envelope and SKYRISER capabilities. Combining the outstanding reach envelope with dual platform capacities of 750/500lbs (340/227kg) and two/three personnel rating sets the SJ85 AJ apart. It truly is the most efficient machine for operators looking to maximize productivity and jobsite performance. 

What trends are happening in our market?

The European market for mobile elevating work platforms has shown positive growth throughout 2017, despite much vaunted uncertainty on the back of Brexit, numerous general elections and other worldwide events.

The rental industry has witnessed an increased degree of consolidation especially in the UK and France. That consolidation and market growth points to a largely positive sentiment. The industry is known for the return of “play makers” after the obligatory temporary absence from the industry one would expect the industry to go from strength to strength.

What are we showcasing at INTERMAT?

We’ll have a fleet of electric scissor lifts, rough terrain scissors, and booms at INTERMAT. Our team is also very proud of our newest articulating boom, the SJ85 AJ, which was unveiled to the European market at 2017’s Vertikal Days event and will be on display this year at INTERMAT.

In addition to our traditional Skyjack products, we’ll also be showcasing Skyjack’s new telematics solution.It is valid to point out that although telematics has been around for some time now it is also true that it has not been adopted in the off highway sector as much as it has in others such as transportation. That means adoption rates are not what they could be. The Skyjack solution has been designed with key features in mind to improve adoption in the off highway sector…we look forward to talking to that point more at the show.

What do we expect to get out of our participation at INTERMAT?

Skyjack is an international company and thus, we attend shows across the globe. It’s important to us to showcase our products first-hand at INTERMAT so that we can not only display the full functionality of our machines, but also give attendees an informational, and tangible interaction with our products. We also want our customers know that their salesperson is their main point of contact, but every Skyjack salesperson has a team behind them, which is what helps make Skyjack so easy to do business with.