Bertrand CARRET

President of the DLR - the French federation of distributors, leasing companies and repairers

How would you sum up 2016 for your particular business sector? What targets have you set yourself for the years ahead? 

"2016 was a new beginning for our business sector. The construction sector enjoyed a recovery - particularly as far as collective housing is concerned - and there was a sharp rise in the number of building permits granted". 

The public works sector, on the other hand, is still "convalescing", but is being buoyed by stronger activity in the miscellaneous roads and networks sector and urban development. The leasing market is doing well again, posting growth of between 0 and 5%. And the distribution market has been boosted by the Macron law concerning the minimum wage in the transport sector. Our federation has also taken on a new dimension; syndicates for tower cranes, mobile cranes and modular systems have joined us, so we can now bring together all project and equipment professionals. 

What are the growth prospects for you sector and what are the areas in which you are innovating in order to cater to the needs of the varied projects in France and throughout the world? 

"The new requirement for major works in the Greater Paris Region, as well as France's other major urban regions on the new housing and renovation markets suggests extremely good growth prospects".

Furthermore, political initiatives to prohibit projects that generate pollution and to ensure that major works are consistent with the energy transition and green growth are all very positive signals for our market. These "new generation" urban projects will give preference to the using recent and innovative machinery and equipment on site - in order to meet environmental standards and help reduce pollution. 


What can the companies that you represent expect from INTERMAT in terms of development and expertise? 

"INTERMAT, held every other year alternating with Bauma, will be a forum within which we can meet and talk to our suppliers and partners about key trands in terms of equipment so we can meet the market's high expectations". 

The show will be an excellent opportunity to find out about recent technological and environmental developments which will affect the machines of the future.