Anders LISS

Commercial Director and Vice President Sales Scania Engines

How did your company do in 2016? What objectives have you set yourselves for the coming years?

"2016 was in general a very good year for Scania Engines".

We posted good results in almost all segments and markets. Despite the noticeable slowdown in Brazil, we recorded an all-time high in the industrial engine segment as well as in the marine engine segment. Our plan is to continue growing across all segments and markets.

What are you growth perspectives and your innovation drivers to respond to the wide range of projects arising in France and all over the world?

Scania has a focus on supporting sustainable and profitable development for our partners and focus is again on a new emission step, Stage V, and the impact that has, not only for the European Companies. 

What do you expect to get out of your participation at INTERMAT 2018 in terms of opportunities and solutions to grow your business and look forward to the future? 

"We see INTERMAT as a major industrial engine exhibition, the most important during 2018. Both for the French and European market but also globally".

Showing our comprehensive and competitive solutions to our existing and potential partners is vital.