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The INTERMAT Innovation Awards competition is open to all exhibitors registered for the construction trade fair INTERMAT Paris 2018 and aims to promote innovation in the field of construction equipment and techniques.

Registration deadlines: 10 October 2017

Registration for the INTERMAT Innovation Awards

Selection process and role of the INTERMAT Innovation Awards judging panel

The selection process takes place in three successive stages:

  • 1 meeting of the select committee. This committee selects the entries which are allowed to take part and distributes entries among the Official Panel members according to their area of expertise.
  • 1 meeting of the Official Panel to assess each entry
  • 1 meeting of the Official Panel to decide on the Award winners.

Means of assessment of entries and award of prizes

Entries are uploaded onto a specific online platform to enable the panel members to assess them.

These entries comprise information on the company and a presentation of the product, completed online by the exhibitor, which can then be added to with extra attachments.

Judging of entries

Distribution of entries among judges

The select committee meets to select the entries which are allowed to take part and distributes entries among the panel members according to their area of expertise.


Five criteria are judged by each marker:

  • Cost savings: reduced investment and maintenance costs, simplified maintenance, improved production system or increased value of products or techniques,
  • Technical design and technologies used: improved productivity and performance, energy efficiency,
  • Operation: work quality, productivity gains, ease of maintenance,
  • Usage: ease of use, ergonomics, comfort, safety, improved working conditions and risk prevention,
  • Environmental protection: conservation of climate and biodiversity in favor of circular economy

Announcement of results

The results will be officially announced ahead of the international construction trade show at Pre-INTERMAT in January 2018, at the Awards ceremony.

To take part, please sign up in your online Exhibitor Area.

Sign up in your online Exhibitor Area, section : My Store / Promotion and Communication / Visibility at the trade show.

Registration deadlines : 10 October 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact the sales team

Intermat Innovation Awards