5 hubs of expertise for optimal clarity

INTERMAT has revamped its organisation with 5 sectors in response to visitor demand.


INTERMAT, International exhibition for construction and infrastructure has revamped its organisation with 5 sectors in response to visitors demand, including more clearly specified sectors, a more efficient visiting experience and greater emphasis on innovation.

The initiative aims to make a long-lasting improvement to the presentation offered to visitors of the various lines of business on show, by exhibiting a global offer, fully representative of the construction industry and covering every stage of the construction cycle

5 hubs INTERMAT Paris

- Accessories, components and parts for earthmoving and transportation
- Machinery & equipment for earthmoving and civil engineering
- Machine for demolition, environment & recycling
- Vehicles and equipment for materials transportation
- Vehicles for people carrying 

Accessories & components for roads, minerals and foundations
- Equipment & materials for road infrastructures
- Machines and equipment for minerals industries
- Drilling, boring, special foundations, trenching machines

- Concrete industry, colocated with World of Concrete Europe
- Accessories, components, parts for buildings
- Formwork, scaffolding and shoring
- Site machinery and tools
- Materials for building and construction

- Accessories, components, parts for lifting & handling
- Material handling and lifting equipment and machinery

And discover now, the new hub of expertise for INTERMAT Paris 2021 : 

- Augmented Reality
- Mobile Applications
- Drones
- 3D Printing
- Building Information Modelling
- Cloud Technology
- Virtual Engineering
- Internet-of-Things (IoT)
- Autonomous Vehicles

INTERMAT 2018 Exhibitors