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INTERMAT created the Event INTERMAT RENTAL DAY : an International Round Table on the theme : "Equipment rental in 10 years"

The Thursday 26 April 2018, INTERMAT created the Event INTERMAT RENTAL DAY, at Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre. 

Construction equipment rental is no stranger to the strong digital trend sweeping across the distribution sector in general.

In this evolving and positive economic environment, INTERMAT Paris is dedicating a special day to the rental sector, INTERMAT RENTAL DAY.

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Program of the Event

Two key events will feature on this day:

In the morning (10.30am - 12.30pm):  

An exclusive round table on the theme " Equipment Rental in 10 years ", addressing the market’s growth perspectives.

  1. A wide range of views and insight into equipment used by construction and industry and how the rental sector is changing, drawing on examples from different countries,
  2. Overview of construction sector change-related issues affecting equipment rental in these countries,
  3. Major factors that will drive change in the rental business over the next 10 years, and how each country is preparing for it.

Afternoon (14.00pm - 18.00pm): 

  • Individual business meetings between exhibitors and rental firms.

How to make an appointment?

From February 2018, providing an on-line linking platform on

Download the Rental Day Flyer.