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Hans Tool Industrial Co., Ltd.

Hans Tool Industrial Co., Ltd. - Accessories, components, parts for earthmoving and demolition

No.101, Sec 2, He Nan Rd., Situn Area
407 TaiChung City

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Press release

  • Professional HANS tools

    06 April 2018

    we are professional and industrial manufacturer for hand tools in Taiwan. There are more than 9000 items of hand tool in Hans, they are full range and complete size of tools, and Hans each items meet DIN-ISO and ANSI standard its lifetime guarantee. In Hardware shop Hans tools are general used by: Aviation, Car, Truck, Crane, shovel, Marine Repair; Petrol chemical, field, Gas, Defense, Water and Telecom, and also Cable TV, Electric supplies and lines work, infrastructures, mining, heavy duty Industries. Hans Tools is world class famous brand for professional & Industrial of hand & air tools including Sockets, torque wrenches & spanners, screwdrivers, bits, hex key, pliers, saw, cutters, Hammer, tool set, case, wagon etc. Hans is not only full range, complete size of tools, and also lifetime guarantee. Every Hans’s product meets Germany DIN ISO standard and 100 percent made in Taiwan. We strict on quality control and assure the product performance. Hans Tools is successful for the brand marketing and export to the Asia, Europe, Mid-East, Russia, Ukraine, America etc. That means you can rely on the Hans For the World class quality warranty. 

If you need any further information related to Hans products, you can visit our website www.hanstool.com. Please kindly understand we do the business step by step, we will be much appreciated if you can send an inquiry of items in which you are most interested to us, so we can prepare the quotation to you. We would like to establish a closer business relationship with you in the soon further. If you have any inquiry of our products, please do feel free to contact us and we will do our best for you.

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  • World class tools for professional/ industrial

    06 April 2018

    "Hans” Tool has been set up to provide a durable source of exported professional products to industrial market in the whole world over 40 years, therefore, Hans is a reliable and trustworthy brand for your business. We provide high quality, lifetime guarantee and technical tools for professionals. 
Hans tool has forty years of experience on manufacture in specializing professional and industrial hand tools. Our products, such as sockets, wrenches, spanners, screwdrivers, and pliers and so on, are completely 100% made in Taiwan as of raw materials to the final process (difference of DIY type or low/cheap quality grade). 
 Quality is the first priority and each of Hans’s products meet Germany DIN/ISO standard, under strict quality control to assure durable/solid product performance. Clients are able to trust us on lifetime-warranty and our world-class quality. Hans tool has been used generally in Russia/Mid-eastern/Europe/Africa/Asia/Oceania/America region. 

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